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I feel like a person with big, big, and big responsibility

tina_latiefIF YOU ARE A UNIVERSITY STUDENT, a lawyer, teacher, doctor, waiter, or whatever your role or identity right now, do you ever feel that being you is a big responsibility?

Well, I’m a university student and I feel that too. Although being a university student is not as prestige as being a lawyer for example, I’m feeling of having a big responsibility just like the other people who seat on the role with big responsibility.

Of course it is not about responsibility in doing all my tasks in campus, or about making the final research, or about to graduate in right time. This responsibility is more like a moral responsibility which is when you fail in college, and then you will be responsible for the fate of many people.

I was the one who was born in a less favorable social environment. The place where women are still considered as a weak creature and the worse is that the higher education has not earned his place in the hearts of the people. No matter who the woman and how high her education, she would not be really appreciated in the community. People already have their own thought about woman and education. They said “No matter how high the education of her, in the end she will only takes care of the household”. I think it’s too painful to hear…

Luckily, I have such a clever parent. Since I was a childhood, my parents teach me how to become an educated woman. She knows that education is very important especially for a woman. So I tried to pursue higher education, I join to the test so I can get the best school in town.tina_latief

Now I’m a university student. What happens in the community will automatically become my responsibility. I want to change the mindset of the people who think that higher education is not important. Despite the fact that success does not always come from higher education, I still believe that high education can positively open up wider opportunities to be successful.

However, it is obviously that I cannot automatically say “Your opinion is totally wrong!” to the society. Of course, they will definitely attack me if I do so. So that I need a more appropriate way to sensitize the public. This is where it starts to feel heavy with responsibility. Naturally I am just an ordinary student, but I cannot do everything I want, including to marry in a young age if I desire.

There is a moral responsibility which is force me to be successful in college and careers. I call it as a desire of being a reference group for the society. If I can be the reference, so the people will follow me, make me as a reference for shaping their attitudes.  Reference in this context is that:

Reference groups are, in principle, almost innumerable: any of the groups which one is a member, and these are comparatively few, as well as groups of which one is not a member, and these are, of course, legion, can become points of reference for shaping one’s attitudes, evaluations and behavior (Robert K. Merton)

Now you know the reason why being me is such a big responsibility. I can imagine what if I failed of being university student…

There are many women and children out there who are waiting for the new people who can make changes, free them from the traditional trait.

So, back to the question at the beginning, if you are a student, lawyer, teacher, doctor, waiter, or whatever your role now, do you ever feel that being you is a great responsibility?

©Tina Latief 2015