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Lesson from a Mockingbird


Sungguh berdosa membunuh Mockingbird. To Kill A Mockingbird mengajarkan tentang makna kehidupan, lebih dari itu, kedamaian dan keadilan.

DI AWAL Februari, saat aku telah menyelesaikan novel pertama Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird, aku menyadari bahwa aku telah jatuh cinta pada buku-buku bergenre klasik. Aku tidak tahu pasti apa yang membuatku begitu─mungkin karena aku memiliki jiwa masa lalu, old soul. Tapi aku pikir, buku terbaik apapun masa kini memang tidak ada yang bisa mengalahkan pesona buku-buku klasik. Continue reading

Rencana Akhir Pekan

logoAKHIR PEKAN MUNGKIN HANYA SEBENTAR. Tetapi menurut saya tidak ada salahnya membuat rencana tentang apa yang ingin kita lakukan selama akhir pekan. Tidak perlu yang muluk-muluk, yang penting bisa membuat akhir pekan terasa lebih bermakna. Saya sendiri telah mempersiapkan beberapa. Seperti yang selalu khas pada saya, akhir pekan selalu berkaitan dengan buku, running shoes, dan segelas susu.

Yup, sesuai rencana, Sabtu kemarin saya sukses mengawali weekend dengan lari bareng teman-teman Derby. Lari yang istimewa bahkan, karena kemarin adalah pertama kalinya saya mengikuti trail run. Ada banyak pengalaman yang saya dapat dari sini, misalnya tentang teknik-tenik berlari. Tidak ketinggalan, tentunya saya mendapatkan motivasi lagi dan lagi dari Abang-abang Derby 🙂


Baca, baca, dan baca buku
Rencana selanjutnya, saya ingin di rumah saja dan menghabiskan waktu sebanyak-banyaknya untuk membaca. Ujian kemarin sempat menyita waktu saya untuk membaca. Lihat saja, banyak sekali buku saya yang menunggu untuk dibaca.


Minum susu
Sebenarnya ini sih sudah. Saat menuliskan postingan ini saya sambilan minum susu. Hehe. Namun mungkin nanti saya bakal nambah lagi segelas karena hari ini juga saya mau mengerjakan tugas kuliah. Tahu kan, kalau mengerjakan tugas kuliah selalu membutuhkan banyak energi. Nah, susu ini maksudnya untuk membuat saya lebih semangat.

Jadi itulah rencana singkat akhir pekan saya. Sederhana saja, tapi saya berharap semuanya akan menjadi lebih bermakna.

Lalu, bagaimana dengan Anda? apa rencana akhir pekan Anda? Liburan? piknik? atau apa? 🙂

©Tina Latief 2015

Oliver Twist: Reading The Life of London in The Past

I’VE BEEN FINISHED MY READING ON OLIVER TWIST THIS WEEKEND and I found some interesting in this classic book. Well I don’t really understand the story at the beginning because the use of language in this book is quite different with the books that are written nowadays.

But maybe because I’m still not used to the classic books so I got difficulties in understand the meaning of the event in this story. However, classic books are certainly beautiful. Maybe the language sounds weird and unusual to us now but believe me they are contain a deep meaning that will only understood by people who love to understand something deep like that.


Reading the book Oliver Twist by Charles John Huffam Dickens or usually known by Charles Dickens is like reading the life of Oliver Twist in London many years ago. Moreover, the writer itself ever experience of hard life such as financial difficulties or poverty, prison living, and lack of education. This experience of shows him about the life of poor and of course it influence him in many of his works, including Oliver Twist.

The little Oliver was born in an orphanage. His mother died when he was a baby. After his mom died, he lives with another orphans in another house. But there he lives in a very miserable home because the owner, Mrs Mann, never really care to the orphans.

One day, Mr Bumble come to the house and look for Oliver. He wants to took Oliver back to the orphanage. Oliver thinks he would be very happy come back to the place when he was born. But he’s wrong. There, his miserable life never change but worse.

Another miserable life also happen when Oliver moves to another house. He met the cruel Mr Sowerberry and his family, and Oliver always treated rudely. This time, Oliver gets bravery so he can run to another place. But of course he still followed by unlucky life. Next, he met with a bunch of thieves—Fagin, Nancy, and Sikes— that makes him more and more miserable.

For a while, I was thinking Oliver will never find a happy life. He always failed to gain a happy life because he was surrounded by bad people. But unexpectedly, his meeting with Sikes and Fagin makes him found a new family. Here Oliver gets a new family that loves him as a real family. Finally, although Charles closed this story by by showing the reader about the killing and hanging, so far this story is happy ending.


Like I said in the beginning, Oliver Twist could be a simple-thin book but contains a deep meaning. It shows me how difficult for several social class to achieve a proper life. Like I can feel the hard life of London several years ago.

Charles, perhaps do not said directly about London. He shows us with a picture of violent, rough talks, food shortage, and crime in Oliver life. But look, crime related to an economic condition in a country. I believe London has the same condition that time and it makes the lower class difficult to survive.

In another hand, there’s another interesting thing I found here. It’s on the page of 29. In Bahasa it’s said:

Oliver menyadari bahwa pemakaman orang-orang kaya, sanak famili yang bersedih ketika si kaya masih hidup, seringkali bergembira setelah si kaya meninggal. Para suami terlihat tetap tenang walaupun kehilangan isteri mereka. Para isteri biasanya mengenakan pakaian hitam pada saat pemakaman para suaminya, tetapi mereka berdandan dan berusaha tetap terlihat cantik.

Oliver juga melihat bahwa orang-orang yang terlihat sangat berdukacita selama pemakaman, akan sembuh dengan cepat begitu mereka tiba di rumah dan menikmati secangkir teh. (Oliver Twist,29)

Well, I know this is normal if people today said it’s so cruel. I can’t imagine, how if this condition happen in my life. But we must understand for the people that lived in that time, social status is only obtained through ascribed status. Living by rely on legacy is a common culture. That’s why they will be happy if their member of family died.

 ©Tina Latief

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
Thickness:216 pages

Continue The Finding Treasure: Looking for The Beauty of An Ancient

If you think books with pictures only for children, I don’t think so. Because in this age I still in love with books with colorful pictures. After lost in the library last week, I’m still talking about old books and planning to discover more fun in it. I think I can’t distrack my attention on books right now. It was fun finding some unique pictures and symbol.

I found this picture in one of Arabian literature. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what this picture wants to tell about. I also found another picture besides this unidentified picture. It was the face of the twins brothers. If only I can read and understand Arabic, so I can tell the meaning. For now, I can only tell you my opinion: what an ugly face that the man has. He he…
I was opened another book when I got this scary picture. This book was written in France so I couldn’t get the point of the story too. The only thing I can mention is that this picture tells me something related to cultural punishment. As you can see, there was a man (my friend said it was a woman) who punished by slashed his tongue and treat like a dead man. Eww…
This was my favorite most. This Arabian story “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyan” has many colorful picture. I love the way the illustrator made the pictures. This picture can tells me something about what the writer wants to say. And I think I got his (I imagine he was a handsome man) autograph. Can you read this Arabic handwriting? This ilustrations made by Hamzah Abd-Ullah Kar 🙂

I also found some books (I guess) related to ancient Rhome. I identified them from its long dresses made from white fabric.

In this book I also found some unique symbols I never meet before. I admiring them and took the picture and make them into this writing. If only I can understand the meaning of this symbol, may be I can make more writing about it. For now I can only imagine that this picture with FANTA writing seems like the old vesion of Fanta softdrink in this modern society. Hihi..

Do you know what this symbol means?


Exploring The Old Books: Kissing Every Words in Its Pages

Yesterday, I came to visit library in my campus to find some books related to my take home test. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the book after spent much time for looking. I was looking and keep looking but no result. And then I realized that I was just lost. Yes, I guess I was just lost. I was stranded in an area where the old books were slept tight in its shelf.

The beauty of an ancient

For a second I thought I was stranded in a terrible-boring place. But I was wrong, it was fun being in the library with hundreds of old and dusty books. It might because I love something vintage so I can enjoy this kind of situation. I could enjoy touching every holes or folds I found in that books, and I could enjoy kissing the smell of an old book which came from every pages I touched in there. Something you didn’t find in a perfume shop, right?


The beauty of an ancient

Spent time in a place which full of old and ancient books also gimme some imagination. I was about the book with arches on the edge, and then the book with so many plasters and rips in its body. In my imagination it was representing age, behaviour, and time related to human body. The first book represent the human body which ruined by bad behaviour, then the second book was represent the human body which ruined by time. It was just like death. When the time comes, human body will ruined and turn to nothing.


I also found something awesome in this section of books. It was about finding foreign phrasa and style of writing in the past. I love this Hindi writings (hope can read and understand the meaning) and also the old style written in this book. I think it was awesome, not only showed different culture in different country, but also given us a picture about a changing culture in a certain period of time.

Do you love something old or vintage? What is it?


Perempuan yang Melukis Wajah, Keterlambatan yang Menyita Perhatian

Perempuan yang Melukis Wajah bukanlah buku yang seharusnya saya baca di tahun ini melainkan 2012 lalu. Bersamaan dengan tahun di mana buku ini terbit, Mj-lah yang lebih dulu membacanya dibanding saya. Kala itu ia berjanji akan memberikannya pada saya usai membacanya. Makanya saya tak segera membacanya meski menemukannya di Gramedia. Sayang buku ini musti terselip entah di mana. Hingga dua tahun berselang, barulah buku itu ditemukan dan diberikan Mj tepat 3 hari yang lalu saat saya main ke rumahnya.


20140205_160829.resizedMulanya saya bertanya-tanya mengapa buku yang berisi sebelas cerita pendek oleh Kak Ainun, Hanny, Ndoro Kakung, Mas Karmin Winata, Aan Mansyur, Mumu, dan Wisnu Nugroho, diberi judul Perempuan yang Melukis Wajah, cerpen karya mas Karmin? Mengapa tidak menggunakan milik Hanny atau yang lain?

Hehe, nampaknya saya menunjukkan keberpihakan. Secara, sebelum membaca karya ke-7 penulis lainnya, saya telah lebih dulu mengenal tulisan Hanny.

Namun, saya tak langsung berkesimpulan. Saya cermati dulu daftar isi buku tersebut. Saya melihat ada beberapa karya Hanny di sini. Di bagian pertama saya membaca tulisan Hany yang berjudul Humsafar (kekasih, belahan jiwa, teman hidup, kawan seperjalanan), sebuah istilah dalam bahasa Urdu yang layak ditiru untuk menyebut seorang pacar. Seperti biasa, membaca tulisan Hanny membuat saya terbawa ke dalam alur cerita yang begitu memainkan emosi. What if I became Julia? Or Nai, or Ella? Damn, why she talked about loosing people we love?. Saya jadi berpikir, sudah berapa pembaca yang direbut hatinya oleh tulisan ini? ah saya tidak perlu memuji Hanny lagi.

Di cerita ketiga, saya menemukan cerpen karya Ndoro Kakung. Dari awal saya sudah sangat penasaran, bagaimana seorang blogger sekaligus aktivis Twitter tersebut menulis cerpen. Saya pikir Om Wi akan menghadirkan romantisme yang begitu lekat pada kebiasaannya menulis, menggombal di Twitter. Namun entah, membaca tulisannya kali ini benar-benar berbeda dari kebiasaannya menulis di Twitter maupun di blog. Mungkin karena kali ini beliau tidak sedang membahas politik ataupun sekedar menggombal manis.

Kisah Rafi dan Banyu oleh Mumu Aloha juga sempat menyita perhatian saya. Tetapi benarkah kedua lelaki ini hampir terlibat dalam sebuah hubungan sesama jenis? Karena inilah imajinasi yang melayang di kepala saya saat membaca kisah duo pendaki gunung tersebut. Sayangnya ceritanya harus berakhir di lembaran ke-12. Andaikan ceritanya tak hanya sepenggal, mungkin saat ini saya masih menikmati jalan cerita kedua lelaki tersebut. Bagaimana akhir kisah mereka?

Well, tak lebih dari 2 jam saya menyelesaikan lembar-demi lembar cerita tersebut. Menarik, karena dalam waktu yang sedemikian singkat tersebut saya bisa terbawa ke dalam imajinasi 8 penulis cerpen tersebut.

Jika saya diminta memilih tulisan siapakah yang paling menarik, mungkin saya akan bingung sendiri. Masing-masing penulis memiliki nyawa dan karakter menulis masing-masing. Baik tulisan Kak Ainun, Aan Mansyur, dan Wisnu Nugroho yang tidak saya tuliskan secara langsung pun memiliki kekhasan masing-masing.

Di awal, saya sempat bertanya-tanya mengapa tulisan mas Karmin dipilih menjadi judul kumpulan cerpen ini dan mengapa tak menggunakan karya Hanny? Karena bagi saya, Humsafar, sebagai karya pertama dan memiliki istilah yang cukup menjual adalah judul yang bisa menjadi pilihan. Namun sebelum membaca tulisan mas Karmin tentang Perempuan yang Melukis Wajah, tentu saya tidak dapat berkesimpulan. Orang tentu tak mengira, dibalik sosok mas Fanabis yang pendiam itu, dia bisa menuliskan cerita dengan ide yang luar biasa. Nyatanya, cerita cinta seorang gadis yang akhirnya mendiami rumah sakit jiwa itu benar-benar menyita perhatian saya.

Jadi, jika pertanyaannya mengapa menggunakan karya mas Karmin sebagai ujung tombak cerita, saya tetap sepihak.