How I make my perfect weekend

When I can’t go outside because it’s bad weather, I turn my weekend into something fun and creative, and maybe something that we never do in recent years.

HOW do you guys usually do when weekend comes? Traveling? Shopping? Go to movie? Well those idea are not bad at all, great If I may say and honestly I like that too.

However, weekend is not always identical with going somewhere. For me, weekend could means stay at home and time to do some interesting and creative things. Besides, the weather in recent days is not really good in Jakarta. It means that it’s time to design our perfect alternative weekend. I guess, it will be better idea rather than just spend our day in bed, sleeping.

So, what kind of agenda we should do in the weekend?

In this weekend, I spent my whole day to do several creative things I never do in recent years. I’ve just realized that in recent years I never do such a fun thing I always do when I was in high school. So I recall that memories and tried to do it again. When I was in high school I love to draw and paint. So this weekend, I tried to do it again to throw back to those memories. I start it with brought some materials in the store nearby like having a new set of water color paint, brushes and drawing book. And I can’t believe I spent 500 idr just for buying those things 😀

Tada… and this is my masterpiece. Ha, don’t laugh about my painting bay the way. I know it’s not masterpiece enough but you must understand that doing something after we never exercise for almost 10 years is like when you are asked to run for 5 kilometers but you never exercise for it. You must be fully tired.

Nevertheless, I must say that I’m happy enough with this result. I mean, I’m happy that in fact I still can move my fingers along with the brushes to make something like this. Well, maybe it’s not like my painting years ago; yeah, years ago my painting is better than this. But I’ll not stop. I’ll try and try again event if I start it again from level zero 🙂

Secondly, I also learn to make some cooking. The truth is, I don’t really like cooking. But if there is one thing on earth I should cook, I’ll choose pasta. Yes, like Italian pasta.

Why pasta? I think beside it’s taste is delicious, pasta is so beautiful. I usually watch on Youtube how the chef in Italia make his delicious pasta. And I’m amazed with it. I really love it.

I promise to myself that one day, If the time and place let me, I really want to serve it to my boyfriend 😍 So today I try to make one and this is the photograph of my masterpiece. Pasta with mushrooms. Well the taste is not perfect yet to be served 😅. But like I said before, I will try and try again in the next day till I get the best taste of Italian pasta. Just ganbatte💪 Because love needs sacrifice (hihihi).

The last alternative is reading. Yes, reading because I love to read, but of course with a very good company.

I will not let bad weather ruin my whole day. So my idea is let us fight the bad day with something sweet like sweet hot chocolate. Like I ever wrote in my writing before, recently, I’ve found several instant chocolate with fine taste. So, to accompany me in reading a good book, I also make a cup of chocolate and prepare it with some cookies too. I’ve tried it several times and it’s really nice to spend weekend like this.

Yup, this is it  perfect weekend of mine. If you won’t or can’t do outside activity in the weekend, you may try this tips. Or maybe you already have a plan for your perfect weekend? What is it? What kind of activity you’ll do to make your perfect weekend?

©Tina Latief 2017

9 thoughts on “How I make my perfect weekend

  1. edi padmono

    Duh….neng tina nih nulisnya udah pake bahasa londo terus….saya mau komen apa dong….ngerti sih dikit dikit…. 😀



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