Weekend Photo Exercises

sundayTHIS IS WEEKEND and I hope I could do something that will increase my ability in photography. Since I realise that I fall in love with photography, especially for food and bokeh photography, I try hard to learn about it.

Today I try to make several shoots only with my cellphone. Well, I don’t satisfied enough about my work, but I think this is not bad for the beginner. Here my pictures that I made…


I know camera on cell phone doesn’t really support for taking this kind of picture. That’s why I’m dreaming about having new camera.  But I don’t want to buy such an expensive camera right now, I just want to buy camera that could support my requirement.

Well, If you guys know, what kind of camera that should I buy?

©Tina Latief 2015

1 thought on “Weekend Photo Exercises

  1. Beby

    Tergantung kebutuhan aja sih Na, kalok aku bilang.. Mau yang DSLR tapi itu berat, sedangkan mirrorless uda oke tapi harganya lumayan mahal.. Sekarang ada jugak yang prosummer..

    Tapi kalok aku pribadi cenderung milih mirrorless karena lensanya bisa ganti dan ringan.. 😀



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