How You Enjoy Your Fine Weekend

IF the question is about how I enjoy my weekend, so my answer is around these five things: books, a glass of milk, some snacks or biscuits, running shoes, and backpack. Well, I really love to spend my fine weekend outside, having a glass of milk and reading much and much books by lying above the meadow or sleeping under the tree.  Something different that you don’t do in the regular day.

For me, weekend is precious time so that I want to enjoy every weekend time by having some important but fun time. And I conclude that reading while having a simple picnic is good choice. It’s kind of a tools that makes you fun but also sharpen your mind.

I usually buy some books for once a month so I have an enough stock to read for the next weekend. But the problem is my old backpack is need replacing. Last time I check the zipper was already broken. I can’t use it anymore. So, I need a new bag before the next weekend comes.

Actually I still find difficulties in choosing the best backpack. But my friend told me about City Scout Backpack. She said that it was good and funky bag for you who loves picnic or traveling.

I’m curious about that City Scout so I Google it. And this is it the backpack my friend told me. Like she said, it was funky 🙂



This backpack from JanSport is one of the collection of Zalora. Zalora has many kind of backpacks which provide us many favorite colors and pattern. Well I think I already have a new agenda before the weekend comes. Well, lets see… I think I want to buy one of this backpack and prepare for the next weekend ritual.

So see you on the next weekend! 🙂

©Tina Latief

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