Indonesian People & The Use of Shopping List

QI BELIEVE for many Indonesian people shopping list is not really important. They usually manage all they want to buy just in their mind. They never really care about how many things they should buy or what exactly they need before shopping. If they fall in love with the stuff they see in the market, the simple way is just take it and pay.

I’m Indonesian and I often do the same. But today, before I go to the shopping center, I don’t know why I use my spare time to check everything first and start to make my shopping list.

Maybe because now I lived in my own capacity and I have to pay my own expenses so I must decided everything clearly. I don’t want to waste anything, especially money (haha). Because if I’m not wise in managing expenses, I will kill my own self before I could get married.

Well, and these are the things that I want to buy. Not too much, because I’m single and not much needs to be purchased at this time.


To be sure, I usually buy books for once a month in TM Bookstore or Gramedia so in this list books are compulsory than the others. With the exception for number seven, “?” means something that maybe I forget to write before leaving. Today I use this number to buy a pack of milk. I forget that I’ve run out of milk this week.

Making a list before shopping, finally have simplify my everyday requirements. I’m not taking unimportant stuff and of course it saving more money. It also teach me that even we have enough money to buy the entire supermarket, we don’t need to buy something that we don’t need in life.

Let the others buy. And we will be wise by making a list before shopping.

©Tina Latief

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