Social Media, Connecting People

I JUST hate social media. Somehow I think social media is no longer functioning properly. This is because many people are using social media for bitching and slander. Social media is sickening. Social media is not a pleasant place.

In the end, social media becomes a storehouse of problems. Worse, people often can not distinguish between problems in social media (virtual world) and the real-world problems. For example, when there is a conflict in social media, people still argue and fight in the real world. In other words, social media is no different than real life.

I wonder, Did Mark Zuckerberg and other social media inventor predicted this before?

But lately I am beginning to realize social media is not always giving problems to the users. For example, when we are able to meet with people who become our friends in social media. If we are lucky, the meeting will not only limited to the friendship, but it may also expanding to the network connection.

Here are some of the people I have met in the real world.

His name is Mr. Hery Nugroho. He is the man who became my friends on Facebook since 2012. Prior to that we had never met and do not even know each other. At one point we met in the real world and become acquainted. Now we do not merely become a friend on Facebook, but also in the real world. By the way, Mr. Hery is saxophonist and also Vice President at MNC group. He’s just like my father for me…

Mr. Isna Puryanta and Mr. Agus Mulyadi also similar to Mr. Hery. At first they are people I do not know just like Mr.Hery. But my relationship with Mr. Hery make me close to them and make me knew him well. They both are good friends of Mr. Hery. Then the three of us became friends and already met each other in the real world.

1069803_10201784434212706_6444835180239342582_n (1)

And there are a lot of other people I’ve met because of social media such as Mr. Hamdan Zoelva, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Indonesia, or Mr.Koekoeh Hadi, the editor at Kompas. Well, social media gets me a new friend …

In the end I love social media. Social media, in fact provides many benefits. Although social media may make people feel uncomfortable sometimes, it feels good as long as people use social media properly. Social media brings us closer to those who are far away and unknown. Social media connects us all.

I can’t wait to meet the next man 🙂 hihi

9 thoughts on “Social Media, Connecting People

  1. yusmei

    Sosial media berguna atau merugikan sedikit banyak tergantung cara kita memakainya. Sama deh mbak, gara2 sosial media punya banyak teman baru dan berlanjut temenan di dunia nyata 😀 *ninggalin jejak biar gak lupa lagi hihi


    1. Tina Latief Post author

      Iya mba, terutama pas kemarin kampanye presiden terus kalau pas ada isu-isu sensitif.. padahal ya berawal dari diskusi, tapi berujung jadi benci..

      hehe, makasih mba yus buat kunjungannya..
      semoga ngga melupakan daku yah.. 😀


      1. Tina Latief Post author

        iya mba, temanku sampe meremove banyak sekali teman gara-gara debat kusir di facebook. Tapi untungnya masih ada manfaatnya kayak gini, mempertemukan dengan orang-orang yang belum pernah kita kenal sebelumnya.

        Semoga lain waktu ketemu mba Yus ya.. kali jadi ngga lupa haha

        Selamat hari blogger juga mba.. 🙂


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