If Only I Could Turn Back Time

TODAY was still middle test. So I tried to wake up on time and ate my breakfast and still had enough time to reread my notes. I wasn’t in a hurry because my schedule was in 11 am. Therefore, I still had time to open up this blog after got bath.

I took the school bus on 10.30 am. Based on my calculation, I wont be late to come to the class. My residence was near that’s why 30 minutes was enough to reach school. But I wasn’t lucky. I was on time, but the test was already started since 30 minutes ago.

I was in a wrong schedule. The lecturer said the test is started in 10.30, but I wrote it in my note on 11.00. I felt like being struck by lightning. My mind wasn’t  focus anymore. I confused and full. Time was running out and there were many questions that should be working on.

12:30 am, I went out with a crumpled face. I was so screwed, today was the worst test of my life. I did not know anymore what would happen with my test. I just took a deep breath, hurried to the mosque and took the water and started to pray. Oh God, I am so sad…

I walked by took another way to home. I went to the place that could make me calm. It was a place with many trees and grasses. It was a place I know from someone’s writing in a blog I found long time ago. It was just near my campus.

It was a simple but lovely place. It made me calm and feeling better. While taking pictures, I imagined I could turn back time, back to the time when I look at the schedule in front of the building E. I hope I could wrote  it right, but I know it was just imagination. It would not change anything…

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