I have been walking to my grandpa’s house before I met this boys and girls who wear the white and dark blue uniform in this intersection. I stopped there for 1-2 minutes watching and found those students playing some spray paints and sprayed it into their body and hair. They were seem very happy. And of course they were very happy. This was their day after doing the final exam. Today in this intersection, these students of junior high school were celebrating their graduation day.

happy graduation day

happy graduation day

I was interested in the way their express their graduation day so that I took their picture and post it on Facebook. For a second I was afraid they will shouted at me and got angry because I took their picture. But I got lucky because they didn’t mind I took their picture. They were happy when I took their picture together. One of them said “Come on sist, take picture of us as much as you can!” And they made some poses, and I took the picture, and they looked so proud.

happy graduation day

I know, doodling uniform with paint and markers sometimes bring bad image to children and students. Especially when students come home from school with a motorcycle and started making a commotion in the street.

It was happen to me too when I graduate from junior high school—teacher and parent are afraid about this kind of expression so that they’re forbid me and the other student from this kind of thing. Instead, we provided a very long cloth to express our excitement over graduation. There we are allowed to scribble with paint and markers.

However, I appreciated them won’t make some noise in the street. And they don’t make it in front of their teacher. Sometimes I think this kind of thing is nice, fun, and romantic. Just like in the Thailand movie The Little Thing Called Love. Kyaaa just so you know they’re so romantic 🙂 :*

Giving signature in the uniform after graduation is also happen in Thailand. Sometimes it is fun, and romantic 🙂

I just hope that teacher and parent understand their children and students. It’s not about crime or something that aimed to harm others. They just want to express their happiest feeling—feeling of free. They also need something to express their feeling in the need of community—together with friends. So if parents and teacher wanted to change their habit, they must think about these two thing.

By the way, how is the graduation celebration at your place? is it festive?


Any comments? just post!

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