Continue The Finding Treasure: Looking for The Beauty of An Ancient

If you think books with pictures only for children, I don’t think so. Because in this age I still in love with books with colorful pictures. After lost in the library last week, I’m still talking about old books and planning to discover more fun in it. I think I can’t distrack my attention on books right now. It was fun finding some unique pictures and symbol.

I found this picture in one of Arabian literature. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what this picture wants to tell about. I also found another picture besides this unidentified picture. It was the face of the twins brothers. If only I can read and understand Arabic, so I can tell the meaning. For now, I can only tell you my opinion: what an ugly face that the man has. He he…
I was opened another book when I got this scary picture. This book was written in France so I couldn’t get the point of the story too. The only thing I can mention is that this picture tells me something related to cultural punishment. As you can see, there was a man (my friend said it was a woman) who punished by slashed his tongue and treat like a dead man. Eww…
This was my favorite most. This Arabian story “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyan” has many colorful picture. I love the way the illustrator made the pictures. This picture can tells me something about what the writer wants to say. And I think I got his (I imagine he was a handsome man) autograph. Can you read this Arabic handwriting? This ilustrations made by Hamzah Abd-Ullah Kar 🙂

I also found some books (I guess) related to ancient Rhome. I identified them from its long dresses made from white fabric.

In this book I also found some unique symbols I never meet before. I admiring them and took the picture and make them into this writing. If only I can understand the meaning of this symbol, may be I can make more writing about it. For now I can only imagine that this picture with FANTA writing seems like the old vesion of Fanta softdrink in this modern society. Hihi..

Do you know what this symbol means?


Any comments? just post!

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