Exploring The Old Books: Kissing Every Words in Its Pages

Yesterday, I came to visit library in my campus to find some books related to my take home test. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the book after spent much time for looking. I was looking and keep looking but no result. And then I realized that I was just lost. Yes, I guess I was just lost. I was stranded in an area where the old books were slept tight in its shelf.

The beauty of an ancient

For a second I thought I was stranded in a terrible-boring place. But I was wrong, it was fun being in the library with hundreds of old and dusty books. It might because I love something vintage so I can enjoy this kind of situation. I could enjoy touching every holes or folds I found in that books, and I could enjoy kissing the smell of an old book which came from every pages I touched in there. Something you didn’t find in a perfume shop, right?


The beauty of an ancient

Spent time in a place which full of old and ancient books also gimme some imagination. I was about the book with arches on the edge, and then the book with so many plasters and rips in its body. In my imagination it was representing age, behaviour, and time related to human body. The first book represent the human body which ruined by bad behaviour, then the second book was represent the human body which ruined by time. It was just like death. When the time comes, human body will ruined and turn to nothing.


I also found something awesome in this section of books. It was about finding foreign phrasa and style of writing in the past. I love this Hindi writings (hope can read and understand the meaning) and also the old style written in this book. I think it was awesome, not only showed different culture in different country, but also given us a picture about a changing culture in a certain period of time.

Do you love something old or vintage? What is it?


Any comments? just post!

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