Books That Almost Forgotten this Week


I have my final exam for 2 weeks in this month. Everyday in this period, I must on schedule to study and keep reading my materials. So I have no time to touch the other books except the book from school. And I almost forget that I still have many books I haven’t read on my desk.

This title I captured in this picture is part of the book by Ahmad Tohari. I brought “Mata yang Enak Dipandang” two weeks ago when the salesperson of my favorite bookstore comes to my campus. I read this novel for the first and second title only. Then I leave it for a while because the test was already begun.
The other book is this, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. I have read the 1st and the 2nd book but never finish this 3rd book. I don’t know why this book makes me boring. I try to enjoy but I can not really get into. I don’t plan to leave this book. I still promise to myself to keep reading it till the last page. Maybe after the exam.
The last book is the book by Fernando Baez. This book tells us about the universal history of destruction books from ancient Sumer to modern-day Iraq. This book is really interesting and makes me curious—for example about why war must destroy books in library. Unfortunately I still have no enough time to read all of this books. I just hope the exam will finish soon so I can back to my hobby.

Reading and always reading…

©Tina Latief 2014

4 thoughts on “Books That Almost Forgotten this Week

  1. Uniek Kaswarganti

    Same case with me, Tina. I also have piles of unread books. Sometimes I wanna be alone in home, sittin’ in corner of living room and start to read my fave books. But ‘mommy help me this’, ‘mommy i wanna pee’, ‘mommy let’s try to make new jelly recipe’, hahahaa….see….all those lovely sentences of my kids are more important 🙂
    Good luck with your books, Tina.



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