An Old Man and His Yellow Jacket

Every Monday till Friday—the same day when the student in Universitas Indonesia goes to campus— this old man always appear in this Gerbatama shelter bringing his book, old bag, pen, watch, and also cigarette. He also wearing the same jacket as student in Universitas Indonesia, the Yellow Jacket. Yellow Jacket, we called it, is a jacket which becomes our identity and pride as a student of Universitas Indonesia.

I don’t know anything about this old man. I don’t know his name, I don’t know his home, and I don’t know why he becomes like this. What I know about him is that he was already here for long time and always do the same thing when he sitting in that shelter: making some notes about the student bus. As I can get from his writing, he can write and read well. In his writing he writes “Aerotrans” and “Bis Kuning” (Yellow Bus).

So I think that he was good at first. I just imangine that he becomes like this because something happen related to Universitas Indonesia in the past. May be he’s the one who can’t enter to Universitas Indonesia and becomes sick about it. Maybe he is one of former activist in Old Order (Orde Lama) who got some punishment and going mad. I don’t know…

I just assume that this man has strong connection to Universitas Indonesia.

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