Nostalgic with Acer Aspire 4927, Need Her to Rise from The Death

It’s been a long time I leave my Acer Aspire 4920 in my cupboard. Since the screen was totally broken, I never see it on my table playing some music again. Of course she needs to be retired. She was too old. And after fallen from the 2 meters high, she couldn’t give me the best service moreover the battery was already sunk, so it really can’t be used anymore.

I know I need to get the new one to help my everyday work. However, being with her for many years make me pays attention with it. Yeah this was my 2nd mother who gave it to me. I can’t leave her alone, so one day I took her from the cupboard to see her condition. Maybe there is something that I can do for her.

I think, I’m too rude. I leave her into a bad condition. She got dirt in her body, and the charger cable, you know it’s like a piece of wire which stiff because never been used again. Well, I know I almost forget about her. I must be forgot that I still have many important data (several data will makes someone shock i guess) in the inside. Haha, but it is not important. I need to do somethin maybe take her into the bath and check her component inside. Hope the data still safe.


Well, the mechanic said she was totally broken. She won’t start up when he turned on the power. The only thing can do is only get the hard disk and make it external. I didn’t really get the point, but I know it will be like flash disk. We still can see the memory, the files, by take out the memory inside the laptop and change the form into external.


Well, I’m not sure about the condition of the hard disk. I heard something rattling from the inside. The mechanic tried to make me sure, but I really can’t. I want to ask it to someone, but I think he still have no time. Maybe next time.

You guys ever have a problem like this? Is there any recommendation you can give to me? Please…


PS: I’m trying to make a good writing in English, if you find some mistakes, please tell. I’m very happy if you give me some correction 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nostalgic with Acer Aspire 4927, Need Her to Rise from The Death

  1. edi padmono

    I tried to use my stuff to the maximum. example is that my computer monitor leaking on left corner but still be used.
    Continue to practice the English language in any writing so that you will be more familiar and proficient.



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