Google Drive, Still The Best to Organize Group Work

It was my 3rd times I wrote about Google Drive. But of course I didn’t write it into a programmer perspective. Here I write about how G Drive help me in organizing school task like what I did yesterday with my classmate.

Like I said before, I used G Drive to organize school task. Not really individual task, but the most for group task. Because everything now is based on technology and almost all of aspect of work and communicate already use internet, why don’t we use the same to do the group task? so we don’t need to confused in making schedule of meeting in case of limited time that we have as a busy scholar student.
Yesterday I practiced it to my two friends. I invited them to use G Drive to simplify the process of group work. Actually, they don’t know any about G Drive, so the first thing that I have to do is introduce Drive to them. I told to them how to add G Drive in our PC, I explained how it works and how using Drive can make our process in doing group work easier.

I suggest G Drive to them because I think G Drive is a very good tools to organize group task. Everyone use G Mail, so using G Drive is possible too. G Drive allows us to share everything with the people we want to share, allows us to limit the person we want and the work sheet makes us easy to know what the others think about in group discussion and work because we could do writing and editing together.

Screenshot from 2014-03-12 19:58:42

yeah, we can do!!

But this is my opinion after I did some tasks with friends who already knew G Drive, I don’t know with the other team because they never hear it before. While doing the task, I observed them in using G Drive, look and wait the process shows the result.

Well, after 6 hours in front of the laptop, I guess they enjoy doing the task using G Drive. They could operate the tools in G Drive like what I said to them in class. So far its good to work with G Drive. There is no problem I think because now they knew how to work with it.

The only thing which makes us feeling bored maybe is just about the work. Especially for me, it’s hard to come in into a research topic that I don’t really get into. Hehe

Hope they will fall in love with G Drive too..

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