My new robot and lesson

This is my first time to have a rice cooker in my room, and this is my second days I used to it. It is Mom suggested. She worried about my health since the last semester I spent much day in bed because of sick. So she wants me to have this thing to make sure that I eat quite regularly.

I feel strange looking at the corner, ridiculous I guess, when I saw this robot standing beautifully besides my other properties.  My old computer, printer, many kind of books, and now, THIS: rice cooker machine.

For other people, it might be usual and common for a girl – a girl who fights alone for an education so that she is far away from her family- to have a property like this. But for a girl like me- a girl who doesn’t like cooking- it is ridiculous. You must wash the rice, add the right amount of water to it, and wait for several minute before you eat.  Yeah, it is troublesome and the opposite of my “warteg” habit. But now, cooking becomes my new activity. Ha!

However, I found another feeling after two days using this rice cooker. It seems I got a bit change on my daily routine. Well, I did my meal schedule. I never worry to my hungry stomach during my busy.  When I feel hungry, I never take a long time to decide when I want to eat. It’s like a reminder and norms that push and force you to do something that you won’t or forget to do. It really changes my discipline system.

I think this is not bad, but useful for me. I only need a big patience and think deep that everything who comes to me will give advantage, experience, and some change. If this is good for me, why not? I guess I love my new robot.

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