Problems in writing

Picture taken from mikegastin

Yesterday, I studied English about principles of paragraph writing in Mr.Arief’s class. First of all, the student should discuss in each group about problems in making a good writing. After that, we presented it in front of the class.

The discussion result said that from 28 students some of them find problems in general writing like blog or essay, and then another said about problems in EBT test. Especially for EBT test, we made a list of 14 things of difficulties. Those were:

2.No idea of delivering it in English
4.Uneasy t start writing
5.How to arrange sentences
6.Unfamiliar topic
7.Lack of knowledge
9.Uneasy to develop the ideas
10.Arranging ideas chronologically
11.Focus (when someone monitoring)
12.Unable to use time wisely (distracting focus)
13.Confused on making conclusion
14.Too many ideas (difficult to translate idea)

These were listed from the most difficult to the easier thing.

From this discussion, I know that everybody has its own problem. However, it is quite interesting when people in this class said that grammar is the major problem in writing. It is become a big question for me “what’s wrong with grammar?”. What are making it difficult, the teacher or the student itself?

Well, let see the source! I don’t know exactly where the students are come from. However, I believe that they come from many places in Indonesia. It shows that system of learning English, especially for grammar, is quite same. Until now, the student still find difficult in learning grammar. Therefore, I conclude that our system in learning English still needs more improvising.

It doesn’t matter as a foreign speaker to make mistake in English compared with native or second speaker who are more fluent in using English. As my lecturer said, it is related to the dream of ours moreover the future. Everyone must aware about learning grammar and progress in learning English.

By the way, this writing is also the way I’m learning how to make a good writing. Mistake makes me learning something.

Any comments? just post!

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