A very good plan for tomorrow

Well it is Friday night and this is perfect to make a plan for tomorrow. You know, I almost never make a plan for somethin easy like holiday, a long holiday especially. Making a plan is like when you making a creative thing. Like a colourful painting for example, you need your creative skill to choose and combine the colour. It means, when you make somethin wrong with your painting, you can repair it with another colour from your brush. Just like your plan, if your first plan failed, you could make the other plan just in a second.

Seems like this, I canceled my plan to go to the beach. You know, I planned it for 3 years but I cancel it on several minutes only. I planned to go to several beach in Jogja. I want to bring my old memory, happiness, laugh, water, sand and wet of the beach to this year in my long holiday. It sounds great, yeah?

But sometimes plan is just a plan. We don’t know what will happen to the next minute of this day. Maybe going to the beach for tomorrow morning isn’t good plan. So, as a creative, I have to find another plan. Yeah, and this is my plan. Lets begin tomorrow morning with wake up early, pray for subuh, then go to the best place I want…

pillow and bed, really good plan for tomorrow, yeah? gimme your two thumbs 😀


Any comments? just post!

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