When I’m feeling in love

me and him

Believe me, you will be really stupid right now..

Believe me, you will be really stupid right now..

When I’m feeling in love
I feel my heart pounding like a drum without reason
and sometimes nervous.
When I’m feeling in love
I would become the most beautiful girl in the world,
everything about me would change, dressed better and then walking like a princess.
I will show the world that I’m the only girl in the worlddddddd.
The world seems especially wonderful.

Sometimes I smile and laugh
and act randomly….Walking outside, walking inside, right and left out of the class
Just for looking his face..
Sometimes I text a message without thinking. I don’t know what I say inside the words.
I can feel, but I can’t think
I feel no logical mind.. I feel my cleverness gone..
Sometimes I feel my heart stop beating,
then I can’t breath.
I know I’m doing with feeling, That’s why I become stupid immedietly.

But, Laughing with him makes me feel SOOOOOO good.
There are many things that
make me feel happy-especially…
being with him in the way home
or have a talk in a bus shelter
or when I sit around my friends with him share the experience after the class,
and talk and laugh and reply-sending message each other..
and everything seems peaceful.

Feeling In love helps me to have more happy
and helps me not to feeling sad because of the unlucky day
and makes me more kind and share the happiness to others
Being in love can makes two hearts communicate
to understand and to receive each other

Feeling in love is such a fantastic feeling.
It makes me feel good and very happy all the day..
It makes me more and more happy because he also loves me..
I think I’m flying,

What is your feelings when you are in love?

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