Something unpredictable

Last night, I was talking with someone on the phone about my elementary schoolmate who died without prediction. Of course never one know when the time of death comes. We just know that death is belongs to something real. But this is unpredictable for human, to me.

The other unpredictable comes after my phone ringing. It was my Mom’s message which said that my aunty, mother of Bayu and Hengky died today. My aunty known as a cattle dealer and thrift merchants who come door to door in her village. She has very good spirit and resposible in their children. But this is out of my mind.

Something unpredictable can be easily comes to everyone. It comes everytime and about everything. Today we may get laugh, we have fun, but in other side we don’t know what will happen to the next. We also don’t know what will happen through the sadness.

Death is something real which will coming to everyone in this life, but we don’t know when.
Farewell aunty, may God will keep you safe there..

Any comments? just post!

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