Happy to help

This morning I was really worried about my performance. Last night I got my sleep late because of several cases. You know, after going bath, I turn on my alarm into 7.25, I hope I can make my morning better. Really I’m afraid if I got sleepy while class begin.

However, inside of my tiredness, I have beautiful moment today. Not a big thing, but I feel very happy to do it.

Today, I don’t know why there are so many people asking me to help. My phone ringing continously, the messages content is “I need your help” only.

The best thing in this case is I’m not refuse to help. I share my time, I share my energy to do my job today. And do you know what I feel? Really, I feel very happy and have no tired. I just thinking about, I’m happy to help. Im happy when I see the people face smile because I help them to solve their problems.

It’s not a big thing, but I ‘m really happy to help.
I just lend my pen, lend my internet, reply their message about the task, share my opinion and help someone to remember what they forget about.
It might be just a little help, but they make me understand the meaning of someone’s help


Any comments? just post!

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