Going to sociologist, I’m agent of change

Having a night train Depok-Jakarta yesterday seems like going through hell then make me realize that I’m in the intersection of complicated branched rail. I’m not a scientist, not a decision maker and not yet a sociologist. I’m just new student in social class who try to understand a little bit from introduction of sociology. I also not an expert of everything like I had in mind about what the people call as agent of change but I would be when I have reached this stage. One thing I believe as the symbol of it, may be it is good start like what I do last night. I must decide.

I was thingking in a few minutes that it just waste my time for someone who hurt me a lot. I will back soon after the train stop. But some voices whispering me not to leave the train.

It was hard decision. In my mind, I imagine how could I see him leave the town sooner after the train going to depart. Absolutely, it just hurt me again. Need more and more time to forget. I was thinking, there must be the other way to say goodbye without hurt. At this time, I need to change the sesion.

I plan to meet him and say goodbye gently. I call him to ensure he will leave the town tonight. And the process of chenge is begin. He is not leaving the town tonight, he wanted to see me. It makes me confused of course. I’m in the end of train station, what should I do? But I’m not sure to going back, I need to see him.

We have a good time in train station of Gambir, enjoying two hours with laugh and share. It’s like a magic because we never talking to each other several weeks ago. I forget every hurt I have, now I only have him in front of me. The fact say 2 hours is better rather than say goodbye. Now we are in the same way, again. 🙂

I change the world.. yes! 😀

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