Fact about love

One thing I know about love. Love will make someone stupid even be moron. If you think you are the cleverest people you must be never fall in love. Because someone with feeling in love ever doing stupid. Trust me, I’m the next stupid people saveral days ago. I cry, angry and mad because I got jealous with PHD student with 3 little children. D*mn πŸ˜€

9 thoughts on “Fact about love

  1. Cahya

    Then perhaps you are not yet on the very core of the love itself, only the western where love makes people fall (in love, in stupidity), but here in the east, love is enlightening, being in love is being aware to point we are naked in front of our sense of humanity.


    1. Tina Latief Post author

      Kayanya mas Cahya ngga cuman dokter tubuh saja deh, tapi dokter cinta juga πŸ˜€
      musti nanya banyak nih sama mas dokter..

      I think jelous isn’t stupid cz it is the prove that we love our girl/boyfriend, hehehe right?. What makes stupid is if we can’t handle what makes jelous itself. Stupid really, we got mad at someone never meet before hahaha.
      Do you have any experience, doc? πŸ™‚



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