Love is to remove, unfollow, uncircle

Do you have a boy/girlfriend? How many times you spend your time with him/her? How many place you can meet him/her?

Socmed is one of place where you can see your beloved someone. There you can see your friends make laugh, anger, and fun like everything you do in live. Even if you get jelous with someone in there, you can do like what you do in live. What should I do? I can screaming at that woman to stay away from my boyfriend. Just make a deal with your boyfriend about to remove, unfollow and uncircle someone you dislike more over you hate.

Because love is to remove, unfollow, uncircle everything you hate [read: unimportant] so that you have your own galaxi.

1 thought on “Love is to remove, unfollow, uncircle

  1. jarwadi

    love is, to unfriend, to unfollow, to uncircle anyone your loved one thinks they would occupy a very space oh your heart. you have to make it crystal clear that your boyfriend is the only living creature dancing and enjoying good time on the room of your heart, hihi



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