Socialization process

In the age of young, children learn everything new inside their world. They learn anything from their parents, adult and surrounding.

the age of children

the age of children

And the teenager too. They learn more and more about their life, also make trial and error everyday until they know what is called ‘truth’.

the age of teenager

the age of teenager

Also when we reach the age of old. In this age, we still have time and chance to understand what is the meaning of love, the use of time also the important of family.

the age of getting older

the age of getting older

Because socialization is a process of learn which is start from the birth of someone till death.

5 thoughts on “Socialization process

    1. Tina Latief Post author

      sebenarnya sih asal materi sosialisasinya dibuat dalam bentuk heritage alias for legacy, meskipun sudah mati sepertinya masih bisa dipakai buat sosialisasi. Tapi bukan sosialisasi primer, tapi sekunder tak langsung..
      wah, mustinya saya harus belajar sosiologi segera ini.. 😀



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