Twilight is everywhere

I can see the world with my irreplaceable ayes..
I can see twilight is everywhere..

twilight is here

twilight in front of me

I can see twilight here

twilight in Bali

twilight in Bali

also twilight in here…

twilight in Yogyakarta

twilight in Yogyakarta

then, I see twilight again in here..

twilight in Jakarta

twilight in Jakarta

and Jakarta also has the twilight…
I’ve seen it…

I have the remarkable blessing to see the beautiful of the world, so why don’t you come outside and share your view? Come come, as long as see the world is still free. Look!! twilight is over there…

3 thoughts on “Twilight is everywhere

    1. Tina Latief Post author

      hehehe tadinya mau saya kasih bannernya twilight mba, tapi engga jadi.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



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