Focus is still needed.

the iguana climb higher and higher

the chameloon climb higher and higher

It is still morning when I took this picture of chameleon near the mushola, I was really worried this would run before I got the picture. First I have a little think about how I did on my way to take this picture. I thought, when the camera came closer into it, the chameleon would run or climb up the tree so that I would failed. This thought make me doubt. It was not good for me.

Saveral minutes later, I refresh my little mind about the doubt. It would make me confident that the chameleon would stay still, then I could take the picture. And I did it.

In short, this picture be my new photo on my animal album. Now I can show it to you all, that it is my new photo of chameleon.

Now, I know, although it just to take a picture, focus is still needed. And I believe, it would happen in other thing like reading, eating, fishing, playing some cards or like have an exercise a day. Everything needs focus to get the best result.

By the way, do you know chameloon? Yeah I think it just like an iguana. In Indonesia, you can call it bunglon or it called londok in Sundanesse. But if you want to know what the scientist call this animal, here, I have the wikipedia of chameloon.

Klasifikasi ilmiah
Kerajaan: Animalia
Filum: Chordata
Kelas: Reptilia
Ordo: Sauria
Famili: Agamidae
Genus: Bronchocela
Spesies: B. jubata
Nama binomial
Bronchocela jubata

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