Let’s go outside

people go outside

people go outside

A long weekend start by now. Traveling, shopping, picnic, have some movies in the corner, stay home with flat screen, make some updates on your Facebook, make a date or back to sleep in a soft bed or something else, what’s your plan for your weekend? There are so many choices on you,but why don’t we start this morning by go outside?
The sun shines so bright outside. Many people go outside to get some air, sweat or just meet someone.Who will you meet today?

Say to people you met, this is terrific morning. Let’s go outside!

4 thoughts on “Let’s go outside

  1. SlameTux

    Untuk pagi ini, aku sudah keluar untuk membersihkan halaman kontrakan dan sedikit menghirup udara pagi. Setelah itu Sarapan Pagi dan menulis artikel di blog… πŸ™‚
    Rencana keluar kayaknya ada, tapi gak tau jadi apa tidak… paling keluar ke kampus bukan ke teman or ke pacar *gak punya pacar* #CurCol πŸ˜€



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