Everything has its time


People afraid & said I'm ugly and disgusting. But I'll be beautifull creature when the time is come.

One day, a little girl looking for something in the garden with his magnifying glass. She met a green creature eating some leaves in her lemon tree. Then she ask her mommy why this creature eating fastly and make the tree lose it’s leaf. She said that she was afraid with the creature. Her mommy said, when it’s satiated enough this would get long sleep without eating and moving. It spent much time to have a good sleep to make a change.

kupu ulat heruk

Picture by: Ni Made Sriyani The time is coming. Now I'm beautifull..

The girl asked again, why it has to sleep so long?. Mommy replied, when the time is come, this would be a very good thing you’ve never seen before. It can fly over the world and beautify our garden with his wings. It will help the flowers in the pollination process. Then the flowers would show it’s fruit. You have to check it every day and count and write what will happen to it next.

But the girl can’t wait it for so long. She said to her mommy that she was bored and tired to wait. Her mommy said, everything has its time sweet heart. This needs time to change beautifully. It might need very long time, but wait, this is called process.

I see, but what creature is this? ask the girl again.
That one called caterpillar. And this one is called change or metamorphosis. It needs time to change like this, she added to the girl.

28 thoughts on “Everything has its time

  1. loewyi

    That’s right, everythings has it’s time. Because of that, we should not be in a rush, but, it doesn’t mean we have to keep silent/waiting too. πŸ™‚

    wah aku jadi belajar bhs inggris secara tidak langsung ini. πŸ˜€


    1. Tina Latief Post author

      mas luck, tulisannya sudah saya betulkan… πŸ˜€ bisa nyotek punya saya
      it’s time= it is time
      beda dengan its time=kata ganti milik


      1. jarwadi

        hehe, bukan karena saya pinter mas gie. itu sebenarnya Tina sudah tahu, cuman typo atau salah ketik yang wajar terjadi bagi siapa saja πŸ™‚


      2. jarwadi

        hehe, sebenarnya Tina sudah tahu, itu typo, salah ketik yang umum terjadi bagi siapa saja πŸ™‚


      3. Tina Latief Post author

        oh, engga bisa. Itu salah ketik saja mas.. πŸ˜€
        speakingku lebih keren dari dia… #pembelaan


    1. Tina Latief Post author

      makasih sudah diingatkan πŸ™‚
      yang jadi foundernya EHIT tentu lebih hafal dengan penulisannya πŸ™‚
      yang jadi inovatornya sering salah ketik, jam berapa yah aku posting ini? #alasan


  2. Okto

    Nice story. Sometimes it is better if we have just waited not to rush. Because sometime everything will be better if it is the time for that.

    You have a strong message from the story you have told us. Thanks


      1. Cahya

        Ndak takut, sering pegang kok, ada banyak di sini terutama di antara daun pisang πŸ™‚ – hanya saja ndak pas makan tentunya :D.


    1. Tina Latief Post author

      loh, memang saya belum cantik yah mas? aduh, kalau begini belum cantik mau bermetamorfosis jadi apa yah?
      oh, setelah saya dapat UI mas πŸ˜€



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