Beautiful meadow of Jakarta, I’m dreaming

Time shows 14.30 am on my hand. Today Jakarta is in a very good season. The sun shines so bright with thousand groups of cloud. Soft wind comes closer and closer touching the tree leaf and make it dance like a pair of salsa dancer.

Uhmm…I take a deep breath. Make a look at the vast sky above and drawing some piece of cartoon. I admiring the beautiful blue sky for a while. The clouds, they look like a mountain of gold flying around.

But it’s not really good, actually. I have no plan to see the sky by sitting stupidly in the corner of the house beside the tree inside the carpet, without any grass as my footwear.

Now I sit under the tree of bayan. It is 2 meters only with saveral leaves in his branch. There are so many fallen leaves covering the floor. I can see some leaves covering a hole of ants too.

I have a mug of orange water here. It’s not freezing but it’s cold enough. I just imagine may be it feel like when we plug the feet into the clear water inside the lake. It is cold and fresh and make us relax. We can see the dance of fishes, kisses and also happiness. Then we can play the water like a child bathing in the river.

I take my second deep breath. I see Jakarta has a beautiful meadow full of flowers and green leaves. It has clear water and air everywhere. People goes to walk on foot easily. It’s peaceful with groups of good people inside.

But, hey..
Somebody has to wake me up. I still in Jakarta,right? I must be dreaming. Bajaj voice boomed through the air. I’m not in the meadow. Oh yeah, the sky change colour. It’s dark and cloudy. It’s gonna be rain. Very heavy rain. I have to go inside.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful meadow of Jakarta, I’m dreaming

  1. SlameTux

    Wah suasananya kelihatannya sejuk, angin berhembus dan hijaunya rumput serta pemandangan yang ada harus di lengserkan dengan sedikit gangguan eksternal yang berupa seseorang sehingga semua keindahan yang ada lenyap begitu saja… eman banget, terusin donk mimpinya… membaca artikel ini aku juga ikut merasakannya. seru, hijau banget kayaknya… πŸ™‚



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