When I’m feeling angry

getting hot over here...

getting hot over here…

When I’m feeling angry
I feel like there is a boiling hot fulcano in my tummy
that is about to explode….!!!!!!!!!!
When I’m feeling angry
I want to kick and scream and stomp….STOMP…
stomp my feet so hard
that the whole world shakes.
I want to run run and run and never stop
Some things just make me so mad…
like when someone
makes fun of me..
or when someone ruins my paintings..
or when I get blamed for something I didn’t do.
Feeling angry isn’t wrong.
but letting my anger hurt someone else is.
When I’m feeling angry I try to remember to do the things that make me feel better…
like taking great breaths….
Or going to my favorite quiet place.
Talking about why I’m feeling angry,
with someone who cares about me,
can help make some of the anger go away.
And, sometimes, I get sooo angry
that I forget what it was
that made me angry in the first place…
that make me laugh!!!
When you’re really angry you feel like you’re going to explode. It’s okay to be angry sometimes,
as long as you didn’t hurt anyone.
What is you’re feeling when you’re feeling angry?


12 thoughts on “When I’m feeling angry

  1. budiastawa

    If I’m feeling angry, I want to shout as loud as I can. If I’m feeling hungry, I want to eat as much as I can, hue he he hehehe. Ada aja si cantik ini…



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