When I’m feeling happy

Candlelight also makes me happy

Candlelight also makes me happy

When I’m feeling happy
I feel b…b…BOUNCY
and full of joy.
When I’m feeling happy
my face feels smiley and
everything in the world seems especially wonderful.
Sometimes I laugh and laugh
and laugh so much….my tummy hurts!
Laughing makes me feel sooooo good.
There are many things that
make me feel happy-especially…
being with my friends
or have a talk with Mom in a meadow
or when I sit around the camp-fire with him toasting a sweet corn,
and talk and laugh and talk some more..
and gaze into the starry night..
and everyting seems peaceful.
Feeling happy helps me to have more patience
and helps me not to get angry
over small problems..
and makes me more kind and caring towards others.
Being happy can help someone
who is feeling sad or groucy-feel better.
Helping someone feel happy
makes me really good.
Feeling happy is such a fantastic feeling.
It makes me feel good about the way I look
and the person I am.

What is your feelings when you are happy?
So many things can make you happy
playing with friends, a special treat-or just a big hug.. 😉

Inspired by: TM

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