Beautiful painful shoes

I think see the size, trying to wear and choose the best model are enough way to say this is a good shoes for me. Then pay it.

It is the 3rd time I got hurt on my foot. First the older one, the blue sky, then the younger one, beautiful brown shoe which is belongs to me all. The 2nd shoe hurt me twice. When I was walking on the road by the brown one, I feel i’m the higher girl over  there. Walking on the road by 100 meters is okay. But walking on the road by 100 steps, oh mean. If I could, i would change it sooner. Now, I feel like old woman who need a wand on her hand.

stand on own feet

stand on own feet

My skin bruised by the shoe. It’s hurt inside my skin. First day hurt, it is pink colour and bulge contain some water inside like a baloon. Trust me, If you try to break it open, you will get hurt twice more than before, I ever did it once.
Then I cannot walking like people in common, i have to wait it dry till the balloon exploded itself. Duarrr…
When the age reach one week full, there will be brown scar beautify my skin like a tattoo. There is no baloon that is contain water inside, this scar is empty and the wound is ready to be opened
I have two scars on my feet, one stay on the right then the left one. I try to make it dissapear, but it’s difficult. I have to wait it for a days, then I will have it clean back.
This is mean, to have pair of good shoes, i have to find some tips on choosing a good shoe. May be I have to try the shoes for a hundred steps. If I feel comfort, i pay it. But where do the shop sell this way?

women's MTB Fore Walking

women's MTB fora walking shoes

I need a pair of walking shoes that is best for my walking distance, speed, style, and surface as well as my weight and stride. I need to hear what people says about shoes, and I have got some good tips. If you one of people who has the same experience, you may try this tips. I think it’s a good way to get the best shoes for walking.

Any comments? just post!

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